Tinctures are healthy supplements that can complement any and every lifestyle. Through our journey of self-love and wellness, we recognize that there is so much value in taking control of our health – inside and out.

That’s why we’re here to help you start your days off strong and end your evenings with a little TLC. There is nothing wrong with showering yourself with a little bit of love every day! 

Combining our powerful tinctures with other body-loving ingredients will leave your self-care routine on point.

Here’s why our Turmeric CBD Tinctures are the perfect asset in your life.

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What is Turmeric CBD

CBD alone assists with everyday activities and concerns that may occur along the way. Paired with turmeric, it is the perfect plant relief that may lead to overall supported health.

Turmeric CBD can come in various forms, from gummies to our most-loved dropper formula

Our full spectrum hemp contains full benefits! All the natural compounds that are found in the cannabis plant are extracted. These include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These compounds are natural and are vital for the therapeutic aspects that our CBD possesses. Our main ingredients are all genuine and tasty – minus the fillers and preservatives!

What is Turmeric CBD Good For

  • Our yummy blend provides a plethora of benefits that support a healthy body
  • CBD turmeric can assist in boosting your relief from pain – it’s especially great for your post work out recovery. 
  • Can greatly improve inflammation (from skin to achy joints).
  • Using our tincture daily is recommended for peak benefits
  • Turmeric is known to be a bonus ingredient that supports your skin’s overall improvement
  • Overall sense of calm and relaxation.
Turmeric CBD tincture

What People Don’t Know about Turmeric CBD

The secret? CBD Tinctures that are combined with turmeric are a match made in heaven. They belong together – literally. Combining these two powerful ingredients elevate benefits that create an all-in-one product rather than going out and buying separate supplements.

Did you know that in order to absorb turmeric in your body, you need to pair it with both a fat source and black pepper? Our super turmeric is CO2 extracted and paired with coconut oil and CO2 extracted black pepper, making it a highly bioavailable product. Turmeric alone is such a powerful ingredient; however, when it’s CO2 extracted, the curcumin spice inside the blend increases to 95%! This creates an overall climb in healthy goodies you will receive.

When formulated with coconut oil and black pepper, your body’s ability to absorb the benefits increase by about 2000%! This incredible formula boosts our already incredible anti-inflammatory blend. It’s potent and everything you need to elevate your health goals.

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Ways to Use Turmeric CBD

  • Directly under the tongue for the quickest absorption into the bloodstream.
  • After a workout to assist in muscle recovery.
  • In fun recipes like turmeric lattes and pumpkin energy bites (or any you like)
  • Before a big meeting or speaking engagement to calm your nerves.

Check out our other recommended ways to use our CBD Tinctures for your needs. 

Don’t forget to speak to your healthcare professional to make sure that CBD is right for you!