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What You Need to Know About CBD for Energy

Discover how CBD for energy has an impact on your health and how it improves and boosts your energy levels.

St. Patrick's Day CBD Shamrock Shake Recipe by Blooming Botanicals Hemp

7 Ingredient All-Natural CBD Shamrock Shake Recipe to Smash Your St. Patty’s Day Celebration

Minty, creamy and delicious, what’s not to love about a classic St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Shake? We’re here for it…but traditional drive-thru Shamrock Shakes contain a whopping 54 ingredients. This is our healthier alternative to your favorite Shamrock Shake, one you can easily DIY at home for the whole family and feel great about.

Woman giving Blooming Botanicals Pet CBD oil to a small brown and white dog at the beach

5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs You Need to Know

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant and may help with dogs
anxiety, arthritis, and seizures. Here are the 5 benefits of CBD oil
for dogs.


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Portions of All Blooming Botanicals Purchases are Donated to Support a Thriving Earth

To help sustain the vital planet we live on, portions of all Blooming Botanical purchases go to the Association Community Carbon Trees (ACCT) to plant trees in Costa Rica.

Their mission to counteract deforestation provides wildlife corridors and habit biodiversity as as well as mitigating the effects of climate change in our environment. ACCT also employs locals in the community to offer an income with sustainable jobs.


Inspired by the world

Blooming Botanicals is based out of licensed facility in Lansing, Michigan. Yet, we take the lessons we have learned from traveling the world to inspire each element of business, life and love. These products are something we are passionate to share with our community.