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We can appreciate how far CBD products have come. There are so many lovely ways to incorporate these wellness products so you can live your best life. Love season is coming to an end, but we still want to spread a little more sweetness! 

From yummy gummies to self-care treats, here are the best CBD products for your everyday needs. 

CBD Gummies


The prettiest gummies on the block? Wyld CBD gummies bring the flavor! They offer CBD gummies that are packed with CBD and with or without THC. Wyld’s tasty treat and name is inspired by wildlife. Local ingredients, freshly made and packed for deliciousness and eco-friendly lovers. Their love for health, wellness, and overall inclusiveness shows through their work and love to give back

CBD Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs

The dopest way to unwind – no pun intended. Prima is one brand we want to highlight for their creativity. Soak in more love and clam with their moisturizing bath bomb. Soothe skin one bath at a time. Prima also formulates their tranquil bath bomb with aromatherapy and epson salt for a nourishing you-time!

Luxury Beauty Serum

Face Serums 

Feeling luxurious? Skincare mixed with CBD equals heaven. Swap your everyday skincare for an added relaxation. Saint Jane Beauty is all about both. The founder, Casey Goergeson, wanted to focus on skincare that met the needs of those who have sensitive and stressed skin. This lux brand is dedicated to women empowerment through supporting causes like Lipstick Angels and Girls Crushing It.

Calm Dog Treats

Pet Treats

Your furry friends can enjoy the good life also! Soul Health Calm Dog Treats are a great overall brand that supports your doggos’ wellness. They hold yummy snacks for your precious animals. Soul Health also offers a safe sizing chart to make sure you are giving your doggy just the right amount. Their mission? To promote better living with the power of plants!

CBD Candle

CBD Candles 

This candle is everything. Malin+Goetz is for the fancy. It is flowered with herbaceous scents that make it a spa day staple. All natural and all powerful, setting up the mood right. It burns slow and steady for a hint of tranquility. Their philosophy is all about inclusivity. They pride themselves in creating high quality fragrances and skincare that are gentle enough for everyday use.

Blooming Botanicals CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures (Blooming Botanicals)

Your best CBD product overall? Our beautifully formulated tinctures, of course. You can use our tinctures in your drinks, in delicious recipes or topically! And if you didn’t know, we pride ourselves with giving back. The Community Carbon Trees (ACCT) in Costa Rica is one of our favorite missions to support. A purchase of our lovely CBD products contributes to planting trees so we can help wildlife and habitats in need.

Blooming Botanicals CBD Healing Salve

CBD Healing Salve (Blooming Botanicals)

Feeling sore? The next day after your hard work out can result in a lil’ soreness! Been there, done that. Continue your 2022 health goals and support muscle recovery with the best CBD salve on the market. 

DRAM Adaptogenic Sparkling Water

CBD Drinks

Refreshing hydration that is so chill. Dram has cbd drinks that are infused with real plant adaptogens. Free of THC but they pack loads of flavor. The best part? They include a variety so you can try every flavor and pick your fave! Our suggestion? The Beauty Bubbles Adaptogenic Sparkling Water – full of skin and hair loving ingredients. 


Roll On

Our bum? Smoother than ever! This oddly specific, yet organic cbd stick will give your bum the moisture it’s missing. After leg day, the easy to use Bawdy CBD Butt Stick will help that tension. And the packaging? Too cute!

Wellness is kind of our thing… spend your self-care days with us and your CBD essentials. Choose one or maybe all and enjoy those rest days. Whether it’s everyday, or once in a blue moon, there are varieties of CBD that can work for you. Everyone deserves their me-time – regardless of how busy. Don’t forget to always be on Team You! 

Stick with Blooming and we will keep you updated on the best CBD products for 2022.

Best CBD products for you