Putting your health first is the vibe this year (mental, physical, emotional and psychological health). Self-care and positive vibes all around. It’s time to upgrade your health and wellness game with CBD.

Soothe your mind and calm your body to enjoy ultimate relaxation and wellness. From everyday edibles to customizable tinctures – which CBD form should you use? We can help you pick!


1. Broken Down Differently

CBD Gummies and other edibles break down and digest slower; which means it can take two to three hours for you to feel the effects.

2. Often Made with Other Ingredients

In order to keep the consistency of CBD gummies and to maintain their freshness, most gummies require unnatural and unhealthy ingredients mixed within. It may be delicious and chewable, but it often contains ingredients your body does not want to consume.

Blooming Botanicals CBD Tincture


1.Can Be Customizable

Your CBD tinctures can be added to your favorite seasonal drinks and beverages (we love putting them in our matcha lattes!).

From hot chocolate to smoothies, there are a plethora of ways to utilize your tinctures to best fit your needs. For added indulgence, your Turmeric Tincture can be added to your morning protein shake! Your restful night can be paired with your Lavender Tincture and go-to calming bedtime tea. Drinks aren’t the only thing you can add tinctures to. Are you a foodie? Check out these creative recipes we have created just for you!

2.Fast Relief

If you want quick relief with a longer shelf life, tinctures are for you. Your tongue is capillary-rich, so studies show CBD tinctures reach your bloodstream quicker. Allowing the CBD to chill under the tongue for 30-60 seconds can work for immediate relief. Your preferred dose can be measured using the dosing guide on your dropper. 

Whatever your preference, we hope you catch some zzz… or feel more at ease with your CBD goals. More importantly, we hope you feel confident in deciding which CBD consumption method is best for you!
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