CBD mocktails have quickly become a fan favorite since launching Blooming Botanicals in 2019. These easy CBD drinks are nonalcoholic and provide essential antioxidants and nutrients to fuel your immune system, cardiovascular health, and more. Whether you’re going sober or just looking for a healthy alternative, we think you will love this CBD mocktail!

Why add herbs to CBD mocktails?

Incorporating herbs into CBD mocktails can offer a range of benefits that go beyond their individual flavors. Here are some of the advantages of adding herbs to CBD mocktails:

  1. Aromatic Experience: The pleasant aroma of herbs can add an enticing element to the mocktail, enhancing the overall sensory experience. As you take in the delightful scent, it sets the stage for a truly enjoyable drink.
  2. Nutritional Value: Many herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing additional nutritional value to the mocktail. Not only do these herbs contribute to the taste, but they also bring a dose of nutrients to the table.
  3. Potential Synergy: When combined with CBD, certain herbs may complement its effects, potentially enhancing relaxation and well-being. Through this harmonious combination, the mocktail becomes a soothing and comforting elixir.
  4. Refreshing and Rejuvenating: Some herbs, like mint or basil, have refreshing qualities that can make the mocktail more invigorating. With each sip, the revitalizing sensation invigorates the senses.
  5. Digestive Support: Certain herbs, such as ginger or rosemary, may offer digestive support, promoting comfort after a meal. As you indulge in the mocktail, you may experience a soothing feeling in your stomach.
  6. Antioxidant Properties: Herbs like rosemary and turmeric are known for their antioxidant properties, which may provide additional benefits to overall health. By incorporating these herbs, the mocktail gains a potential boost of antioxidants to support well-being.

Remember that individual experiences may vary, and the benefits of adding herbs to a CBD mocktail can be subjective. It’s essential to choose herbs that resonate with your preferences and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any specific health concerns. Enjoy exploring the world of herbal-infused CBD mocktails and savor the delightful experience they offer!

What CBD is best for CBD mocktails?

For this recipe, we use full spectrum Original CBD. The super subtle taste makes it easy to incorporate into pretty much anything without overpowering it. That said, depending on your taste, full spectrum Turmeric CBD or 1:1 CBG + CBD are also delicious options for an extra boost of wellness. Likewise, turmeric includes additional anti-inflammatory properties, while CBG is known to boost gut health and brain function. Take your pick! Or don’t and use a bit of each!

Antioxidants & vitamins for your immune system


Not only are blueberries nutrient dense, they also provide a healthy kick of antioxidants. Fun fact: antioxidants can help protect cells from harmful free radicals caused by stress and toxins.


The fruit Lemon provides essential vitamins, such as Vitamin C, offering various benefits to the body. Notably, it promotes hydration, aids in digestion, and contributes to skin health. Moreover, Lemon juice serves as an additional source of antioxidants, further supporting the immune system’s functioning.


Rosemary is another rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Since ancient times, people have relied on rosemary to boost concentration and enhance memory as well. Don’t sleep on the power of herbs!⁣

What are the benefits of antioxidants?

Antioxidants play a crucial role in improving your health on a cellular level. They work by clearing out debris and neutralizing harmful “free radicals” from your cells. Over time, an accumulation of excess free radicals can lead to oxidative stress and potential health issues in the body. Therefore, incorporating antioxidants into your diet becomes vital to support overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, emerging studies have shown that CBD may share similarities with antioxidants in cellular defense against free radicals. Research suggests that CBD has the potential to protect cells and boost overall immune function, providing a potential protective effect against the harmful impact of free radicals on the body. As a result, the combination of antioxidants and CBD may offer a promising approach to promote cellular health and maintain overall well-being.

Blueberry Smash CBD Mocktail Recipe:

Happy woman holding up CBD mocktails.


  • 10 blueberries⁣ (roughly a handful)
  • 1 sprig rosemary (more for garnish – optional⁣)
  • half a lemon, juiced⁣
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 dropper Original CBD⁣
  • 3/4 cup sparkling water⁣
  • 1 cup ice⁣

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  1. Place blueberries, rosemary leaves, lemon juice, maple syrup and CBD into a jar.
  2. Muddle gently to bring out the flavor of the rosemary and blueberries. (If you don’t have a muddler, we recommend using a wooden spoon!)
  3. Continue to mix until mixture turns a beautiful pink/purple. 💗💜⁣
  4. Using a strainer, pour mixture over ice.
  5. Top with sparkling water.
  6. Garnish with extra rosemary and blueberries if desired! 🤤⁣

Combining CBD with herbs & whole foods

Before embarking on our journey to make the healthiest CBD on the market, we specialized in superfoods and health coaching. In addition to our expertise in superfoods and health coaching, we now focus on crafting the finest CBD products available. With a background and certification in integrative nutrition, it’s no surprise we put a lot of thought into what we put in our bodies. Have you been striving to incorporate holistic health solutions in your day-to-day wellness regimen? We highly recommend activating the synergistic benefits of herbs, whole foods, and cannabidiol for ultimate health. Consider CBD as an alternative for your next cocktail party!


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