In 2019, Blooming Botanicals set out to bring our community together in health and happiness.

Our Family Strives to Give Back

Blooming Botanicals is proud to be a family business. With our diverse backgrounds of sustainability, holistic health, horticulture, community development and spirituality we strive to create a company that gives back.

We understand that hemp is a powerful plant that can produce environmentally conscious products that benefit the planet, our bodies and our pets. 

Portions of All Blooming Botanicals Purchases are Donated to Support a Thriving Earth

To help sustain the vital planet we live on, portions of all Blooming Botanical purchases go to the Association Community Carbon Trees (ACCT) to plant trees in Costa Rica.

Their mission to counteract deforestation provides wildlife corridors and habit biodiversity as as well as mitigating the effects of climate change in our environment. ACCT also employs locals in the community to offer an income with sustainable jobs.


Inspired by the world

Blooming Botanicals is based out of licensed facility in Lansing, Michigan. Yet, we take the lessons we have learned from traveling the world to inspire each element of business, life and love. These products are something we are passionate to share with our community.

In a society full of mental and physical stress, we are empowered to have a sustainable way to heal our community

In a society full of mental and physical stress, we are empowered to have a sustainable way to heal our community



As the product formulator of Blooming Botanicals, Sarah knew it was important to combine all aspects of her knowledge of health to create a well rounded, holistically thought out product. Over the last 12 years Sarah has studied and worked in the holistic health field including as a massage therapist, yoga instructor, integrative nutritionist, retreat facilitator and cannabis cultivator. She combines this knowledge with her love of plant medicines to create a unique product line with bio-individuality in mind.


Bryan comes from the environmental sustainability field where he researched renewable energies, architecture and agriculture. Combining this with his background in integrative nutrition and cannabis cultivation he brings a passion for protecting and giving back to the planet into Blooming Botanicals. Over the last several years he has been a consultant in the hemp industry to ensure these sustainable and holistic practices are ingrained in the industry from the start.


Ben has been a renowned glass artist for nearly 20 years, placing him in the forefront of this industry. Ben has spent decades studying many other cultures, with an emphasis on healing, self knowledge, spirituality and artistic expression. He spreads his wealth of knowledge throughout all his works and employees or apprentices he teaches. As a hemp consultant alongside Bryan for the last few years, Ben has connected with countless peers with hemp farms, laboratories and production facilities to source the highest quality products for Blooming Botanicals.