When it comes to CBD options, there are many choices to pick from. From tinctures to topicals, the good news is that there is a wide range of options available – this can be a good and a tough problem to have.

How do you decide what the right solution is for you?

First, it’s important to understand how CBD works and then determine the best way to incorporate it into your life.

How does CBD work?

In order to truly understand how CBD works – it’s important to understand how and why our bodies respond to it. We all have a molecular system called the endocannabinoid system that functions and responds to unique signals produced in our bodies.

This system contains receptors that regulate and balance many processes in the body, including immune response, communication between cells, appetite and metabolism, memory, and more.

Our bodies are wired through this system to take in and process the cannabis plant containing phytocannabinoids aka plant-based substances with an affection for your cannabinoid receptors. 

Systemic vs Symptomatic Healing

Our endocannabinoid system is connected to all other systems of our body and helps the entire body to communicate properly.

When our systems cannot properly function and communicate with one another problems begin to arise in the body. When all of our systems are communicating properly, it creates homeostasis in the body or overall wellbeing.

The objective of this type of healing is, rather than healing a specific symptom, you’re able to heal your entire system, otherwise known as systemic healing.

Although this process may take a little longer to notice the effects, it’s exponentially more beneficial than the alternative of life-long maintenance of healing individual symptoms.

Instead, you win the long-term impact of being able to live your best life.

Additionally, when you experience pain or need quick relief in a specific part of your body, there are options that help fast track your relief.

Topical CBD products like Healing Salve work when you apply them to affected areas where you experiencing soreness, chronic pain, itchiness, or other skin conditions.

The combination of utilizing CBD tinctures daily and applying topical products when needed, helps you to heal from the inside and the outside – talk about balance!

How CBD Works in the Body Infographic

How long will CBD take to work for you?

The answer to this question varies and its reasoning is greater than just your body height and weight.

When the body experiences trauma, stress, or pain it releases two harmful enzymes (FAAH and MAGL) that can “plug” up our endocannabinoid receptor sites, actively blocking any cannabinoid from entering the receptor sites and firing up the system. Taking CBD is a two-fold process.

Before CBD can be absorbed into the system, it first has to break down the harmful enzymes.

One of the greatest reasons it takes people varying amounts of time to feel the effects of taking CBD is that the amount of harmful enzymes each person has can vary.

Once the harmful enzymes are cleared, the CBD can actually enter your system and begin helping your body achieve balance.

This is also why it’s beneficial to take CBD daily, it helps to keep those harmful enzymes at bay, which are released into your system every day, especially when your stress level increases. 

Make CBD work for you and your goals

Achieving balance takes time and awareness of how your body and mind feel daily.

Figuring out how to make CBD work for you means listening to your body and understanding how factors like time of day, tincture strength, herbal infusions, and combinations with other products impact your wellness.

Very similar to any diet or lifestyle changes, it’ll be beneficial for you to keep a journal for 2-weeks and try taking the same amount of tincture at the same time every day. 

Keep note of other factors too:

  • How much sleep you got the night before, 
  • How high or low your stress was for the day
  • What foods did you eat and were they healthy options
  • Did you workout, if so what did you do and for how long
  • How strong was your anxiety or pain

After 2-weeks check in with yourself to see how you feel and compare it to how you felt before you started CBD.

It may take a few rounds of realizing what works best for you, if you need a different strength or possibly an herbally infused tincture might suit your needs better.

Blooming Botanicals specifically created different herbal infusions to create an even more therapeutic product.

For example, for those with anxiety or difficulty sleeping, the lavender tincture, which promotes relaxation and stress relief, could be a good option for you to try taking at night before going to bed.

For those with pain and inflammation, taking the turmeric tincture first thing in the morning might be your new way to kick off the day as turmeric is a powerful root that has been shown to help lower inflammation, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and has great benefits for soothing arthritis. 

Although a lot of people try to use CBD as a quick fix, you now know why it’s a long-term, life-long solution backed by research and science.

To make it work for you in the best way possible, take the time you need to uncover your best method for incorporating it into your regular routine. All-in-all, it’s important to be patient with yourself, give it time, and listen to your body.