History and Purpose of Earth Day

Making Sustainability a Priority for All

Earth Day is an amazing global holiday! It was established on April 22, 1970 making April 22, 2020 Earth Day’s 50 year anniversary. Over the last half century people and organizations have been working collectively across the world to promote and act on the sustainable movement to preserve our planet and its natural resources. 


Sustainability In Practice

Every day is Earth Day at Blooming Botanicals!

At Blooming Botanicals, we are extremely passionate about sustainable practices in and outside of business. This was a major draw into the hemp industry years ago. Not only does the hemp plant itself help with the agricultural restoration, but the industry standards for cannabis and CBD are very high.

Hemp as a Renewable Resource

Hemp Has a Short Growth & Harvest Cycle and Helps Regenerate Soil

The hemp plant, like bamboo is classified as a rapidly renewable resource because of its fast growth and harvest period. The growth and harvest cycle for hemp plants is roughly 4 months. Making hemp a much more sustainable resource than say lumber which can take over 20 years to grow before harvest. Hemp and its roots are also great for regenerating soil and do not require pesticides or synthetic nutrients. 


CBD Quality Standards

CBD Is of Higher Quality than Several Everyday Grocery Items

When it comes to finished products, cannabis and CBD are highly tested for pesticides, residual solvents, terpenes, potency and more. The base requirements to show that pesticides are not present in products are extremely stringent. When looking at other industries such as agricultural food, if they required similar restrictions many of the products on the shelves in grocery stores wouldn’t be allowed for sale.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Donating Proceeds & Planting Trees in Costa Rica

Blooming Botanicals also turns to external organizations to support sustainabile initiatives on a broader scale. Part of our proceeds are donated to Community Carbon Trees in Costa Rica, an organization committed to reforestation and sustainability projects near the equator. Founders, Bryan and Sarah,  lived in Dominical, Costa Rica for almost 2 years, just 20 minutes from Community Carbon Trees. While living in Costa Rica, they were happy to get their hands dirty volunteering at Community Carbon Trees’ annual Earth Day tree planting event.  

“Their mission to reforest the jungle in order to promote bio-diversity and aid in climate change is something everyone can get behind. And their passionate Director Jennifer Leigh Smith is a true icon in the movement!”  – Bryan


Supporting Community Carbon Trees (ACCT)

Follow ACCT on Instagram, Facebook, and Donate Through Their Website

You can follow Community Carbon Trees’ amazing journey online and even take a trip down to the beautiful area. Check out their website and social media to learn more! You can also donate to the cause and support their reforestation projects by sponsoring a tree here! 

Happy Earth Day! ?

Not sure how to get into the Earth Day spirit?! 

Here are a couple family fun Earth Day activity ideas: 


1)    Plant something inside, outside or with an organization. It could be flowers, trees, veggies or herbs. 

2)    Clean up trash and recycling at a local park, trail, or beach. 

3)    Enjoy nature, go for a nice walk or a long hike (snag some trash off the ground as you go). 

4)    Make a beautiful meal with organic ingredients. 

5)    Donate to a sustainable cause you are passionate about.