“Our thoughts create our reality.” 

We hear this often, but do we put it into conscious action? So often, we are busy and burnt out at this time of year. If our thoughts really do create our reality, what type of reality does that look like? 

A beautiful way to check in with your thoughts, and therefore your reality, is with an intention setting ceremony. You are actually 1.4x more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down. This is powerful. 

We will walk you through the steps of setting up your own intention setting ceremony and bringing your goals to light. 

What you will need: 

  • Journal
  • Writing utensil
  • Sacred tools to set your space like a candle, palo santo, sage, essential oils, or crystals
  • A cup of cacao (recipe below) is optional but highly recommended
  • A space where you feel comfortable
  • 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • An open mind

Steps for setting up the ceremony:

  1. Set your space: Find an area where you can relax and spread out a bit. Clean up any clutter around your space. This doesn’t mean you need to clean your whole house, only the small sacred space you choose for your ceremony.
  2. Set the mood: We want our space to FEEL good. This can mean lighting candles, placing crystals around you, using aromatherapy, clearing the area with sage or palo santo, or playing light meditation background music. 

  3. Create your creamy cacao beverage: Use cacao, herbs, and CBD to help you feel grounded and open your heart. Our ceremonial cacao recipe includes turmeric and ginger’s grounding roots and heart activating cacao to keep you both firmly grounded and connected to earth while also opening the heart and activating your manifestation powers through sacred cacao. Jump to the recipe below.
  4. Take a few moments to turn inward: Focus on your breath while you enjoy your cup of cacao. Begin to slow down and let your day fade away, allowing the cacao to begin to energize you and be open to any inspirational thoughts that begin to flow. 

  5. Begin your practice with gratitude: Write down three things that you are grateful for right now.
  6. Take out your journal and pen and answer these few questions: Allow your writing to flow! *When outlining your intention, it is essential to focus on one thing at a time and get really clear on that one thing. You can repeat the ceremony over and over with new intentions, but it is best to focus on each intention separately. 

Questions to Answer:

  • What craft are you looking to master?
  • Now focus on the person you need to be to achieve this. 
    • What would they do? 
    • How would they show up? 
    • What actions would they take daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Why do you want to master this craft?
  • What or who will you need support from to achieve this craft?

Tips to Keep in Mind:

*While writing, pay attention to words like try, can’t, or but… we want to keep this positive. If you discover any of those words, simply go back through and write them in a more positive light. 

  1. Write out the answers to your questions as if they are currently happening. Keep focused on what you WANT! i.e., I am mastering the craft of _______________. Each day I show up by doing _______________. 

  2. Sit with this new paragraph and really FEEL what it feels like to achieve this. Re-read it a few times to yourself and absorb the success you have created. 

Stay with this feeling as long as it feels right to you, and repeat it as often as you’d like. 

And so it is. 

Creamy Cacao Recipe



  • Add all ingredients besides rose petals into a high speed blender.
  • Blend on high for 1-2 minutes, until creamy.
  • Pour into your favorite mug and top with rose petals.
  • Drink during your intention setting ceremony.

Ceremonial-Grade Cacao

Sourced from the Criollo cacao tree, ceremonial grade cacao has a higher concentration of health-restoring compounds. When consumed, they generate an expressly heart-warming or heart-opening sensation in the body. These feelings bring about peacefulness and mindfulness that make cacao ceremonies sacred.

There are no regulations guiding what can or can’t be labeled as “ceremonial-grade” cacao. Thus, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying cacao for this recipe. There are a few indicators that can help you identify that a product is a ceremonial grade:

  1. Look for pure cacao: A 100% pure cacao-bean paste contains a much higher quantity of beneficial, health-restoring, and mood-elevating compounds. Ceremonial cacao, or ceremonial-grade cacao, is a particular type of product. It is different from other cacao-based products on the market like cacao powder, non-ceremonial cacao paste, or dark chocolate.

  2. There is very little to no sugars added: The lack of sugar in cacao is a good indicator that it is ceremonial grade cacao, and it’s important for the ceremony. When we consume sugar, it causes spikes in blood sugar levels, which is how our bodies process sugar. This process cancels out the heart-warming sensations mentioned above. As recommended in our recipe, natural sweeteners like maple syrup or honey can help for a little added sweetness.

  3. The cacao is minimally processed and organic: An essential part of the ceremony is to draw the benefits of pure cacao as a tool to heal and connect with our bodies. Ingesting cacao grown with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and genetic modification should be avoided for ceremonial use. Look for labels that show that the product is organic and all-natural.
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