As CBD’s popularity grows, its value to mothers does as well. CBD can provide new mothers with support for sleep, mood regulation, and pain relief without any psychoactive effects. Read more as we dive in to all things CBD and breastfeeding.

Many mothers choose to use CBD while breastfeeding their babies to experience relief and support for a wide variety of ailments, ensuring the best possible outcome for their ability to provide for their babies. 

CBD and breastfeeding, is it safe?

The CDC recommends against use of any cannabis-derived products while breastfeeding.

This is primarily due to the potential for contamination by pesticides, heavy metals, or fertilizers. 

However, this problem is easily addressed through full transparency when it comes to growing, processing, and creating their final product.

Plenty of CBD brands produce clean, high-quality CBD products and are transparent about their methodology, which provides a much better jumping off point for new patients.

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How Long Does CBD Stay In Breastmilk?

Unfortunately, little to no comprehensive research has been done into the effects of CBD use by pregnant and breastfeeding women, since it’s just beginning to become a popular product.

For ethical reasons, this group is generally the last to be a test group. The majority of research we have access to is based around cannabis containing THC. 

Interestingly enough, the human body is made with an endocannabinoid system that develops as we age. We are designed to intake and process cannabinoids found both inside our bodies and out.

This system works throughout the body, mainly in your central nervous system and your brain, each working with the other.

Your CB-1 receptor is a part of processing your different brain functions like executive, emotional, reward, and memory processing. 

Cannabinoid CB-1 and CB-2 receptors are present during the early embryonic stages of human development, and they play a large part in the embryonic implantation process.

Your endocannabinoid system works with you by lowering anandamide levels enough for implantation to occur.

It has also been found that the CB1 receptor is responsible for giving your newborn the natural urge to suckle by sparking their appetite as well as activating the oral-motor muscles.

Without it, things could get difficult.

To top things off, cannabinoids have been identified in breast milk. Twelve of them to be exact, and they all play a part in your infant’s development.

As far as scientists can suggest, the endocannabinoid receptor system is important in brain development as well as development of the nervous system even though we aren’t quite sure how.

It is thought that the CB-1 receptor essentially helps to lay the groundwork for synapses to fire. 

Four Blooming Botanicals brown dropper bottles labeled with Original, Tumeric, Lavender, and Pet CBD.

CBD and breastfeeding: can you use cream?

We’ve heard quite a lot from the community of mamas who made the decision to use CBD somewhere in their pregnancy or breastfeeding journey.

Before implementing CBD into your routine, talk to your doctor. Every situation is unique and we want to make sure both you and baby are healthy! 

I originally started using CBD about 6 weeks postpartum because I was having immense back pain after a C-section. I was talking to my lactation specialist about the lingering back pain who recommended trying CBD, specifically Blooming Botanicals. I fell in love with the lavender CBD tinctures because it not only helped relax my back muscles, but it eased a lot of anxiety that I experienced as a new mom too.”


Mothers who choose to use CBD typically see a positive impact on their mood as well as relief from physical ailments.

While not CDC recommended, the largest risk associated is tainted CBD products passing contaminates to your baby through your milk. That’s why finding a clean CBD brand is so important. 

As cheesy as it sounds, I often tell new moms that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so I’d encourage them to try CBD for self care and mental health needs. I found that CBD helps to ease my anxiety and gives my body rest, so I can wake up energized and ready to parent for the day. The CBD salve is also fantastic for itchy bellies during pregnancy and postpartum body aches.”

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Is CBD Safe For Pregnant Women?

While we pride ourselves on crafting CBD products made from 100% USA grown hemp, some companies may not be so keen to share.

Our products are made in house, so no shady origins here! When looking for other clean CBD brands, you might try looking for these green flags:

Single Blooming Botanicals brown dropper bottle labeled Lavender with purple text reading 3rd PartyTesting, All Natural, Good Reviews.
  • Third Party Testing: CBD companies send their product to an external lab for testing, so test results are unbiased and usually more accurate.
  • Short Ingredient List: You want to see CBD, a carrier oil, and only other nutritive additions. We always look for 5 ingredients or less, preferably all natural.
  • Reputable Online: Companies with an online presence, positive reviews, and happy customers are usually good signs.
  •  COA Available to Public: Before buying, look for a Certificate of Analysis on the product. It may be labeled lab results, lab tests, or something similar. 

If you’ve talked to your doctor and are on the hunt for the right products, look no further! Here are our product recommendations for different struggles moms may face post-pregnancy.

Is Topical CBD Safe In Pregnancy?

  • Sore Muscles or Joints – CBD Healing Salve
    This smell-good topical salve is easy to apply and offers a wide array of herbal benefits. If headaches or migraines are keeping you down, try applying to your temples and the back of your neck. You’ll thank us later.

We know that mom-life is often tiring, so you deserve to enjoy your down time and your sleep. This lavender-CBD blend promotes relaxation as well as a restful night’s sleep, perfect for any time of day!

  • Aches, Pains, and Anxiety – Turmeric CBD Tincture
    While this tincture was formulated with turmeric and black pepper to reduce inflammation, it also can aid in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Using a supercritical CO2 extraction gives this product 95% more bioavailability than you can expect from store bought turmeric spice.
One small and one large Blooming Botanicals brown dropper bottles with silver salve container next to flowers and herbs

The CDC advises against use due to lack of testing, but CBD is used and loved by countless moms in many stages of their parenthood.

Do the research, consult your doctor, and always do what you feel is best for you and your baby.